Lunch Hour


Dear Reader-

     I’m exhausted.  Probably the anxiety and complete change of routine that has thrown me off.  While we there was remote learning all week at our school, I took some time to have fun with the kids. I only wish my lunch hour were this productive every day:

  • Tore out strawberry plants from hydroponic garden at work…sigh
  • Homemade dough for donuts (definitely a keeper)
  • Built a fort (couch cushions and dining room chairs and old sheets)
  • Recorded the last chapters of ‘Sideways Stories from Wayside School’ with background music and screen captures of the ebook pages for my 2nd and 3rd graders, so we can finish the book together next week.
  • Book Review Movies with my kids.  I’m challenging folks to share what they’re reading during this quarantine.  Please join us and contribute your own. #flattenthecurvenotyourbrain
  • Worked on my son’s Family History birthday video project to share with his class in April since he most likely won’t be there.

I’m ready for this weekend.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Nobody 

Published by laffertylrc

LRC Director at Sipley Elementary School, Maker, hack writer, lover of learning.

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