To Be Grateful

Dear Reader-

     On days where I want to rant about all that irritates me, I’m choosing to go another route.  Let’s try to be grateful instead. As a pessimist, this is rather difficult for me, but I’m really trying here.  And it beats throwing another log on the fire.  

     I’m grateful that the kids and I got outside today to throw the baseball.  To toss a frisbee. To laugh and run and breathe hard and need to rest with a sip of water. 

     I’m grateful that they both love to paint and read and listen to stories.  

     I’m grateful that they don’t mind working through those huge volumes of workbooks, and that they really truly look out for each other without me even having to ask them.  

     I’m grateful for my folks, and the way they always field my numerous calls, especially when I always seem to interrupt their dinners or errands or time with company.

     I’m grateful my wife has tolerated my bad humor this week from all the depressing news.  

     I’m grateful for the bike trainer that I’ve been putting to good use this week.

     I’m grateful for humor like this: “Having trouble staying home?  Try shaving your eyebrows.”

     I’m grateful for the ability to connect with teachers and students in such a difficult time, even if some of my first attempts at remote learning have felt like an utter failure.

     I’m grateful that I’ve always had the opportunity to try again. 

     I’m grateful that I have food to eat and a place to live.

     I’m grateful for my job, when so many others can’t say the same.

     I’m grateful for all the people who have jobs that don’t allow them to stay home right now.

     I’m grateful that this hiatus should shed a lot of light on climate change.

     I’m grateful that I have a million hobbies to keep me busy, and that that guitar in the basement has been calling my name again.   

     I’m grateful for all the music I’d forgotten about that made me smile this week.

     I’m grateful that I’ve asked people to tell me their stories, and that I’ve even tried to tell a few of my own.

     I’m grateful I still have my left thumb.

    And I’m grateful that my parents afforded me the opportunity to be well-educated, which is perhaps the ultimate privilege in life.

I’m grateful that I chose to go this route tonight.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Nobody

Published by laffertylrc

LRC Director at Sipley Elementary School, Maker, hack writer, lover of learning.

6 thoughts on “To Be Grateful

  1. I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing my thankful-for, what went right today lists. Thank-you for this important reminder. I need to pivot that direction.


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